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Pilates Home Studio was created by the Pilates Fitness Institute, Australia's home to quality Pilates. With over 20 years' experience in the industry as Pilates professionals and industry leaders, PFI also pave the way for up and coming Pilates instructors through

Pilates ITC - training some of the brightest instructors around the world!

Our team of Pilates and Barre professionals are some of the best in Australia. With years of quality training on their side, they are equipped to deliver amazing, full body workouts with clear cues that allow you to follow along from the comfort of your own home. But don't take our word for it. Press play and try them for yourself. We promise you won't regret it!

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Frances (‘Fran’) Cahill

My favourite Pilates exercise: Love to hate anything back extension like Swan or Double Leg Kick. It’s hard for me but it feels incredible to fire up the back of my body.

You can expect my class to be: Strong but in a way that surprises you with what you can achieve when you learn about the movement technique more deeply. We don’t just move together; we learn how to move better and more efficiently too.

If I could have any superpower: It would be to invent more time in the day. There is never enough!

My guilty pleasure is: Maggie Beer burnt fig ice cream. Yum!

Suzanne ('Suz') Newby

What made me fall in love with Pilates: The way it made me feel!

I’m very kinaesthetic and other than the times when I was dancing and acting as a child/young adult, I hadn’t been able to find something that truly made me feel in balance throughout my whole body like Pilates does.

My Pilates teacher spirit animal: It has to be an eagle for its agility, span, flow, dynamic pace and of course they can be very noisy at times!

On my days off you’ll find me: On the coast somewhere remote with my family and friends where there is no schedule to my day and waking up is whenever I wake up. Total freedom from my commitments every now and then is blissful and I love these times 

Azmah Edwards

My Pilates teacher spirit animal: My dog 'Egg'. He is obsessive, bouncy, excitable, has identity issues (wolf VS Maltese/Shih tzu) and is SO cute; so I channel his spirit often, but find it hard to channel the cute bit though!

My favourite Pilates sequence: Any full body sequence that gives me the opportunity to use my body as a whole, in different planes of movement, but also can be executed differently every time depending on the goal, I want to achieve that day. So, in short, all the Pilates exercises that exist in the world.

Things I love (outside Pilates!):

Besides my family, my other obsession is Occupational Therapy. The principles and values of the profession speak to me so deeply, I am loving learning about it, I just wished I didn't have to do the assignments!

Justine Karini

What made me fall in love with Pilates: It initially attracted me, as I was looking for a “different” kind of workout, I found I was vastly losing interest in boot camps etc. After my first 3 months of Pilates, I was feeling the benefits both mentally and physically, and after that, I was hooked!

My favourite Pilates exercise: Rolling like a ball. Something that sounds so simple, but it’s such a challenging skill to do correctly, I love the added balance challenge incorporated into it as well. Delicious!

You can expect my class to be: Energising, dynamic and fun with sprinkles of stability challenges and reinforced techniques for whole-body conditioning; leaving you feeling more aligned and connected to your body.

Katie Tate

What made me fall in love with Pilates: How it made my other areas of sport and fitness drastically improve and how good it made my body and mind feel!

My favourite Pilates exercise/sequence: Semi-circle on the reformer because my thoracic is always so tight and it is like a magic reformer massage for the spine!

I’d describe my teaching style as: Grounding but challenging. I love to make my clients walk away feeling more connected with themselves - but also with a bit of sweat!

If I could have any superpower: To be able to take away people’s emotional and physical pain and suffering.

Nikki Ramm

My favourite exercise sequence: This is a hard one! Pilates has always helped me to manage my back issues, so I love a combination of everything to help me feel strong. However, I do love anything with feet in straps and a good spinal articulation.

What you can expect in my class: To feel welcome, comfortable and at ease. I have a hands-on approach with good structure and flow. I create my sessions varied and challenging making you feel stronger, more flexible, less tight and a little bit taller and aligned when you leave.

Things I love outside of Pilates: Spending time with my kids and husband, going to the beach, camping and a nice glass of wine with friends!

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